Breathe EZ Air Cleaner

Affordable home air filtration system with no construction, no hassle, and easy install.

Cleaner Air- Radon Filtration- Saves You Money.
You Deserve to Breathe Clean Air in Your Own Home!

With homes becoming more and more energy efficient, it is lost in the shuffle that they are trapping more and more harmful allergens and air particles in your home. This can lead to headaches, allergies, sickness, and fatigue from breathing in unclean air. You deserve to breathe clean air in your home and the Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is a safe and affordable way to accomplish that.

Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is a revolutionary, cost effective method to clean the air throughout your entire house. Breathe EZ reduces dust, allergens, particulates, odors, dust mites, and chemicals, while improving the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. That means a healthier living environment with reduced bills!

It’s GREEN! Reduce your carbon footprint, while improving your indoor air quality!!

Breathe EZ Air Cleaner - Whole House Air Cleaner
Breathe EZ Air Cleaner Testimonial- Kurtis from Nebraska


Are you concerned about what you are breathing in your home? Do you have allergies? Asthma? Headaches? Or just don’t feel right in your home?

Breathe EZ will help you by:

  • Filtering and removing allergens and particulates that cause illness
  • Absorbing chemicals in the air resulting from off-gassing of building and cleaning materials
  • Reducing dust and pet dander in the home (who wouldn’t want to dust less?)
  • Filtering Radon Decay Product! Breathe EZ Air Cleaner is proven to filter lung cancer causing radon decay product (Polonium).
  • Improving the efficiency of your HVAC system, thus saving you money $$$
  • Breathe EZ installs into your existing HVAC system by an authorized Breathe EZ Dealer in minutes. Midwest Radon Services is an authorized Breathe EZ Dealer.


People spend 90% of their time indoors

Asthma is growing at alarming rate with 750,000 new case per year (25 million cases overall)

Allergy issues can be linked directly to indoor air pollutants, as well as outdoor air particles

Houses are built tighter to improve energy efficiency- harmful particles are trapped inside

Radon, Volatile Organic Compounds, Lead, Pests/bugs, Mold are making people sick in their homes

The human body needs clean air to maintain a healthy immune system- We need clean air regularly to stay healthy!

Take Action Today!

Encourage your friends and family members to do the same! Many local home improvement or hardware stores sell test kits. Test kits can be ordered online too. Sometimes you can get a test kit from your state radon office.

Click here to order a radon test kit.

You Can Fix a Radon Problem

Help is available to fix a radon problem.

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Visit our Resources page for other useful documents, including EPA guides on Radon and Radon mitigation.

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